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Appliances (incentives available)

  • ENERGY STAR®—provides tips for customers shopping for efficient products
  •—provides appliance energy use data and tips for how to reduce the cost of operating appliances
  •—provides efficient appliance shopping tips to save customers money and energy


  • ENERGY STAR—helps consumers choose which efficient light bulbs will meet their household needs
  •—provides information on LEDs and ways customers can reduce their energy use
  • ENERGY STAR—provides information on CFL recycling


  • WaterSense®—explains the benefits of efficient showerheads and how to shop for them
  •—provides information on reducing hot water consumption through the use of efficient showerheads

Water Heating (incentives available)

  •—provides information on saving energy by replacing your standard electric water heater with a heat pump water heater
  • ENERGY STAR—provides information on the benefits of high efficiency water heaters