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For New Manufactured Homes

ENERGY STAR® and NEEM+ certified new manufactured homes deliver savings, comfort and value to homeowners. That’s because they include built-in features that reduce energy use and increase comfort.

Benefits of these homes include:

  • Less expensive to run: ENERGY STAR and Northwest Energy Efficient Manufactured (NEEM+) homes use substantially less energy for heating, cooling and water heating than a standard manufactured home.
  • Better comfort: Additional insulation, tightly sealed air ducts and ENERGY STAR qualified windows, provide better protection against heat, cold, drafts and noise.
  • Healthy environment: Added features like extra insulation and tightly sealed ductwork help keep out pollutants and control moisture so homeowners can enjoy better indoor air quality.

Energy Trust offers incentives to retailers that sell qualifying new manufactured homes and energy-efficient upgrades, as well as business development funds to help offset the costs of advertising ENERGY STAR or NEEM+ manufactured homes and their energy-efficient features.

A tiered incentive is also available for customers who purchase a new certified manufactured home.