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Business Development Funds

For Retailers and Manufacturers

Retailers and manufacturers can receive up to 50% of the marketing cost for broadcast, print, digital, events, and sponsorship opportunities, up to a variable annual cap, when meeting all of the following requirements:

  • Use of the ENERGY STAR® logo (retailers only) or the eco-rated logo
  • Use of the working with Energy Trust of Oregon logo
  • Key messaging in the marketing piece (examples listed below)

Additional brand messaging must be used in radio ads in lieu of logo placement. Please consult with Energy Trust regarding radio messaging requirements.

To apply for funds, complete the appropriate application below and submit to Energy Trust:

Messaging Requirements

Samples of key messaging you may incorporate into your marketing materials are provided below. You may choose to develop your own messaging, which will be subject to approval for reimbursement.

Instances of [Blank] below are placeholders for “ENERGY STAR” or “eco-rated” which should be substituted in advertisements:

  • [Blank] homes are designed, built and performance tested to provide enhanced comfort, improved air quality and energy savings.
  • When it comes to being green—look for a home with the [blank] label.
  • Choose an [blank] home, enjoy the benefits of a lifetime.
  • Ask for an [blank] home.
  • [Blank] homes are better for you and the environment.

For more messaging ideas, contact the program at 1.800.972.8793.