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Industry + Agriculture

Opportunities for Industrial and Agricultural Vendors

When your customers save energy, they save money. Affiliation with Energy Trust can give you the edge you need to build your business and cultivate customer loyalty.

Contractors, distributors and other professionals in Energy Trust’s trade ally network can take advantage of training, technical support, marketing and recognition to win business and enhance customer service across Oregon with energy-efficient industrial equipment and lighting. Our trade allies have the latest information on Energy Trust offerings and cash incentives and use it to help their customers save energy and money, while driving sales.

Enrollment Forms for Contractors

Form 1172S

Standard Incentives

Form 420BC

Form 420PW

Form 420ST

Form 420NF

Form 420NP


Form 420IR

Form 420PL

Form 420RP

Greenhouses & Indoor Grow

Form 420NG

Form 420AD

Building & Pipe Insulation

Form 420IN

Heating & Cooling

Form 420G

Water & Wastewater

Form 420MWLR


Customer referrals

Trade allies will be referred to customers by Energy Trust representatives, providing additional sales opportunities. Trade allies are listed on Energy Trust’s website in the “find a vendor/contractor” directory for their given specialty.

Marketing materials

Trade allies can request and/or download Energy Trust marketing materials to share with customers, including fact sheets explaining specific energy-efficient equipment, customer success stories and Energy Savings Guides for many applications and industries.

Training and technical support

Energy Trust representatives are available to train trade ally employees on energy-efficient equipment and technologies to help you provide better information to your customers.