Portland General Electric announces 2022 Renewable Development Fund application window

Portland General Electric has announced its 2022 Renewable Development Fund (RDF) Grant application window and available funding. The RDF is a reimbursement grant program funded by Portland General Electric’s Green Future participants and is available to all PGE customers for qualifying renewable energy systems. Roughly $3 million is available for RDF grants in 2022, and PGE will competitively select grant requests from applicants for potential projects. 

The PGE Renewable Development Fund grant application window opened on April 1, 2022, and will close at 5 p.m. PDT on June 1, 2022. Competitive projects typically include minimum applicant contributions of 15% of total project costs and must be able to meet the installation deadline of June 30, 2024. Projects must demonstrate significant community benefit beyond electricity generation. Projects must also pass PGE’s technical review and verification of the system information. 

Preference will be given to projects that benefit environmental justice communities as defined in House Bill 2475, along with projects installed on and owned by nonprofit organizations or public entities. For public projects subject to the 1.5% Green Energy Technology requirement, only eligible project costs beyond the 1.5% will be considered for grant funding.  

PGE requires all solar grant applications to include an incentive cover letter from Energy Trust in the application packet. To receive an incentive cover letter, the project must go through the Solar Development Assistance (SDA) incentive process. An SDA application must be submitted before design work begins, and is required to combine utility grant funds and Energy Trust Solar incentives. To receive the incentive cover letter, a complete application packet, including the SDA feasibility report and all system documentation, must be submitted and pass a technical review. 

Energy Trust recommends that trade allies interested in pursuing the PGE RDF Grant submit a complete application package to Energy Trust by no later than May 1, 2022, to allow time for technical review and answering any questions about the application. The Solar Development Assistance incentive application is available in PowerClerk.  

PGE has made pre-recorded webinars and program resources available on their website 

For more information about the Renewable Development Fund, visit Questions can be directed to PGE at or 503.464.7826. For more information about the Energy Trust Solar Development Assistance incentive process contact the Energy Trust Solar team.