Plug strips help save energy for public schools

Portland Public Schools recently found a powerful way to save energy and money by working with Energy Trust and smart power strip manufacturers to install 1,500 energy-saving smart strips in district offices and classrooms. Smart strips use occupancy sensors to save energy by turning off a portion of their outlets when no motion is detected. When motion is detected the outlets are automatically switched back on. This reduces the electrical load from equipment that remains in standby mode even when not in use.

By using the assignment of payment option on Energy Trust’s Standard Incentive Form 120P, Portland Public Schools allowed the manufacturer to receive the incentive, which eliminated all upfront costs to the district. This creative energy-efficiency solution will help Portland Public Schools power energy savings long into the future.

Check out the Computer Equipment cash incentives page on the Energy Trust website for more information. If you have questions, contact Nick Dreves, trade ally manager, at 503.568.3324.