Path to Net Zero now available for all qualifying commercial projects

Incentives designed to assist building owners, designers and contractors achieve net-zero energy use are now available for all qualifying new building and major renovation projects in Oregon. In addition to enhanced incentives and streamlined options, the new Path to Net Zero offering provides tools and support to guide project teams through establishment of a clear, measureable high-performance energy goal in the early-design stages of a project.

Qualifying for Path to Net Zero is straightforward. Projects teams enroll through the Energy Trust website and then work with an outreach manager to establish an Energy Use Intensity, EUI, target that aligns with Architecture 2030 Challenge goals. Enrolled projects that meet defined targets can receive cash incentives and technical assistance from Energy Trust beginning in the design phase and continuing through project completion and occupancy.

The Path to Net Zero offering aligns with the Architecture 2030 Challenge goal of 40 percent energy savings over Oregon code for all new buildings, developments and major renovations in 2015. Interim energy-reduction targets in 2020 and 2025 ultimately lead to industry-wide net-zero energy use by the year 2030.

Additional details about net-zero targets and project eligibility can be found on the Path to Net Zero web page.