Pacific Power adopts PowerClerk for interconnection process

As of June 1, 2017, Pacific Power required solar trade ally contractors to complete the Level 1 net metering application and agreement for solar projects using PowerClerk. Unfortunately, at this time Pacific Power’s application in PowerClerk is not compatible with the Energy Trust incentive application. The Solar program is working with Pacific Power to integrate our systems in the future and we will keep trade ally contractors informed on that progress.

Due to this change, solar trade ally contractors will no longer be able to complete net metering documents for Pacific Power projects during the Energy Trust incentive application process. For solar installations in Pacific Power territory, solar trade ally contractors will need to complete the Energy Trust incentive application as they normally would and also provide the necessary system and site information to Pacific Power through its online application process.

Some changes in the process to take into consideration:

  • Trade ally solar contractors must enter all required system information into Pacific Power’s online application in PowerClerk and submit the project for review and approval. No signature is required during this initial step. Once the installation is complete and the project has passed municipal inspection, the trade ally must upload the inspection approval in PowerClerk. The customer and contractor are then required to electronically sign the net metering agreement.
  • Throughout the review process, email communications from Pacific Power will be sent through PowerClerk to the customer with the contractor copied on that email. Trade allies should inform their customers to expect those communications. Energy Trust still expects that Solar trade allies manage the net metering process with the utility on behalf of the customer.
  • Pacific Power is requesting all information on each project up front compared to the traditional application form which allowed opportunity for delays in processing. Trade allies should make certain that employees who complete the application have the necessary project details available to minimize requests for additional information from the utility and reduce approval timelines.

To get started, Solar trade ally contractors will need to create a new user account to access Pacific Power’s application process in PowerClerk.

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