New pool incentives effective in August


Energy Trust is launching new incentive offerings for Existing Buildings customers. The commercial pool pumps and commercial condensing pool heater incentives outlined below are offered for equipment purchased on or after August 1, 2019.

What are commercial pool pumps?
Pool pumps are used to continuously circulate water in swimming pools to meet code-required filtration and sanitation levels. Variable speed pool pumps reduce water flow substantially compared to traditional constant-volume pumps—thereby reducing the electricity consumed by the pump’s motor while still maintaining code-required flow rates.

What is a commercial condensing pool heater?
Pool water heating accounts for a significant amount of energy use in pool facilities. Unlike traditional pool heaters, condensing pool heaters recover otherwise wasted heat and use it to preheat the circulating water.

Customers must receive electricity from Portland General Electric or Pacific Power for pool pump incentives and natural gas from NW Natural, Cascade Natural Gas or Avista for condensing pool heater incentives. Here are the details:

EquipmentRequirementsEstimated Average SavingsUnit Incentive
Commercial Pool Pumps
(Indoor or outdoor pools)
• Self-priming
• Replacement only
• 0 to ≤ 4 horsepower variable speed
• Weighted Energy Factor (WEF) rating* for pumps ≤ 2.5 horsepower:
Total Horsepower Minimum WEF
> 0 to ≤ 1 horsepower ≥ 8.33
> 1 to ≤ 2 horsepower ≥ 6.81
> 2 to ≤ 2.5 horsepower ≥ 5.85

* For pumps without WEF rating, motor cannot exceed 50 percent of its maximum rated speed. Any high-speed override shall be for a temporary period—not to exceed a 24-hour cycle without resetting to default.
1,460 - 8,645 kWh$230 per pump
Commercial Condensing Pool Heater (Indoor or outdoor pools)
• Must replace a gas-fired pool heater with capacity ≥ 350 kBtu/h
• Minimum 96 percent thermal efficiency

Note: Covered pools and spas are not eligible. Cannot be combined with spa cover or any other pool cover incentives.
Indoor pools (minimum surface area of 1,350 sq ft)0.68 therms$2.35/sq ft of pool surface area served by heater
Outdoor pools (minimum surface area of 900 sq ft)1.10 therms$3.50/sq ft of pool surface area served by heater

For additional information, contact Alex Snook, trade ally coordinator, at 503.407.7286.