New heat pump calculator cuts time and hassle

A ductless heat pump.More and more businesses are turning to efficient unitary and ductless heat pumps to lower energy costs and increase comfort. If your team installs heat pump equipment with a high SEER value (typically 18.0 and above)—at offices, retail, and restaurant spaces under 10,000 square feet—Energy Trust can provide cash incentives.*

Energy Trust has developed a heat pump calculation process that reduces the time to determine customer project eligibility. Once all application materials are submitted, we can update you within two weeks. To submit a project, we’ll need a completed application, an installation bid with model numbers and information about your customer’s heating usage.

For customers replacing heating equipment 20 years or older, we will use a building code-compliant model (SEER 14.0) as the baseline for estimating energy savings. In most cases, we can identify these baseline models for you.

* Pursuing this offering for commercial heat pump projects requires pre-approval. Residential heat pump installations are eligible for a standard incentive and do not require pre-approval.

For more information, or to submit a project, contact Rob Hall, account manager, at 503.413.9168.