Meet Julio Knows, Energy Trust Partner

Julio Knows consults and advises independent restaurant operators in Oregon. They help minority restaurateurs, and small business owners of various cultural backgrounds, find solutions for growth in an industry where it is notoriously difficult to succeed. Having worked with a range of businesses from a two-person taqueria with annual revenue of $300,000 to a 50 employee business with annual revenue of $2 million, Julio Knows has helped 80% of his clients succeed in their first five years in business.

When working with people from a different culture, establishing trust is the key to creating a successful relationship. Julio Knows has built longstanding relationships with the Latinx community for the past 20 years, specifically with entrepreneurs. They have also worked with multilingual, multicultural communities throughout Oregon, teaching newly arrived people from Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Pacific Islands, Africa and the Slavic community about U.S. business culture and how to integrate into the American workplace.

Julio Knows, LLC and Energy Trust have recently formed a partnership to bridge gaps and connect Energy Trust resources and benefits with more multicultural and multilingual businesses. This new partnership will prove to be a win-win solution for the community. Restaurant operators will have the opportunity to benefit from the many incentives Energy Trust offers, which is especially helpful during these challenging times. With our combined efforts, the multicultural business community will find it easier to access the support that Energy Trust has always offered.

For more information on connecting with Julio Valera, please contact him at 503.830.2977, or to connect in Spanish, use 971.222.3664. For more information on Energy Trust resources, please contact Jose Soto, community engagement coordinator, at 503.586.9881.