New Manufactured Homes

Are you maximizing your co-op marketing benefit for new manufactured homes?

EMH_insider_0316You know you’ve got a great product with an ENERGY STAR® new manufactured home. Now get that product in front of the people who count: interested home buyers. Energy Trust can help with cooperative marketing funds that help you pay for the cost of a print, digital, outdoor media or broadcast ad.

Just create an ad for local publication that includes all three of the following elements, and Energy Trust will reimburse you for up to 50 percent of the cost of the ad:

  • ENERGY STAR logo* and
  • Program Ally of Energy Trust logo* and
  • An ENERGY STAR key message point

Cooperative marketing from Energy Trust is a win-win. You have access to the tools and resources to promote your ENERGY STAR homes, plus assistance with the marketing costs.

Need assistance? Contact Becky Robbins, senior marketing manager.

*Current logo files and more key message points can be found on the Cooperative Marketing page.