#MarketingSolar webinar on tracking results

SOLAR_MARKETING_WEBINAR_1605Attend the next #MarketingSolar webinar to learn how to conduct marketing campaigns for your business and track results.

Tracking Results: Implementing Systematic ROI Reporting
Thursday, May 26
11 a.m.

Topics for this webinar include creating the key performance indicators that are most important to your firm, data capture and analysis, lead conversion tracking through the marketing and sales process, and the use of a Customer Relationship Management, CRM, platform for sales tracking against marketing campaigns.

CRM systems can track the discussion with a prospective customer from website (through a web to lead form, for example) through the lead nurturing process, sales, project implementation and referral gathering. We’ll look at popular CRM tools, mirroring the sales process within your CRM and how they can be integrated with accounting.

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