#MarketingSolar podcast: Tips for using Faraday to reach solar prospects

In the fourth podcast of the Build it Bright! Crafting your Solar Marketing Program training series, Glenna Wiseman of Identity3 interviewed Scott Pelligrini of Faraday, a customer recruiting platform. Faraday can be used to reach more solar prospects. Use of the Faraday platform qualifies for Energy Trust business development funds.

This podcast includes tips to use Faraday and prospect related data more effectively to reach solar prospects including:

  • Reduce solar customer acquisition costs through better targeting
  • Faraday qualifies for energy trust business development funds
  • Tips to use faraday effectively for solar marketing
  • Geo-targeting residential solar prospects
  • Tips to help solar marketers generate more leads with a “make me feel special” strategy
  • Applying energy use data for solar prospect targeting

For more information, read the full transcript or listen to the podcast online.

Find more information about applying for Energy Trust business development funds for Faraday and other marketing activities here.