#MarketingSolar podcast on demystifying solar with consumer friendly website fundamentals

In the third podcast of the Build it Bright! Crafting your Solar Marketing Program training series, Glenna Wiseman of Identity3 interviewed Marci Marshall and Ben Waldron of Pollinate, an award winning advertising agency based in Portland, Oregon.

In this podcast, Marci and Ben offer solar installers tips for improving the effectiveness of their website content including:

  • Success stories: A strategy to demystify solar
  • How solar contractors can educate consumers more effectively via their websites
  • Shaping effective website content using customer profiles
  • Tips for commercial business-to-business website content
  • Brand consistency online
  • Website tool tips
  • Testing strategies to ensure website content resonates with targeted prospects

For more information on this podcast, read the full transcript or listen to the podcast online.

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