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Marketing tip: Get the most from home shows

Home shows are an important way to meet potential clients, learn what people are looking for and establish relationships that may ultimately result in sales. Participate in shows and events that are most likely to put you in touch with your target customers, and invest in an engaging booth or display that showcases what you do best and welcomes people for conversations. Include videos, photos or written testimonials from successful projects. Build leads by inviting prospects to enter a drawing, sign up for special offers or join a mailing list.

Most importantly, follow up after the show. Someone who took the time to talk with you may be thinking of making improvements and may even be ready to make a decision. Seize the opportunity to help them take action by calling them as soon as possible after the show.

Trade allies can use Energy Trust business development funds to leverage your marketing budget, including for event display costs. Depending on your star rating, Energy Trust will reimburse you for up to 50 percent of qualified cooperative marketing costs for pre-approved projects. Download the business development fund guidelines to learn the full list of eligible projects and requirements for receiving cooperative marketing reimbursement.