Level up your lighting knowledge with NXT Level Training

In the rapidly evolving commercial lighting industry, understanding the latest lighting techniques and technologies can be the difference between you and your peers. NXT Level is a free, 2-part series of comprehensive training that can take you, your team or your entire company to the next level by helping you with best practices on selling, designing and installing state-of-the-art lighting and control technologies.

NXT Level 1 is ideal for those new to the industry or for seasoned professionals looking for a refresher or to fill a knowledge gap. It is online, self-paced training that provides foundational content reviewing every aspect of a lighting project from technology to lighting economics.

NXT Level 2 is delivered online and via live webinars, focusing on the latest advanced lighting and control systems. It equips lighting professionals with an advanced skillset to further differentiate themselves in a crowded and rapidly evolving market.

Earn your NXT Level 1 & 2 designation and be listed on the website, which showcases NXT Level designated lighting experts! Learn more and sign up now at www.nxtleveltraining.com.