Legend Solar financial challenges covered in OPB news article

On March 14, Oregon Public Broadcasting published an article regarding Legend Solar, a solar contractor facing financial challenges, and concerns raised by Legend Solar’s customers in Oregon, Nevada and Utah. Relying on interviews and investigative reporting, the journalist wrote about Legend Solar’s background and its current situation. This news story could raise questions from customers.

Energy Trust initially learned of Legend Solar’s financial troubles in late January, when a small number of customers reached out with concerns. Further investigation by Energy Trust revealed that Legend Solar would not be able to meet its obligations to customers or meet Solar program requirements. At that time, Energy Trust suspended Legend Solar’s trade ally status.

Energy Trust, working with the Oregon Solar Energy Industries Association, facilitated conversations between Legend Solar and two solar trade allies with capacity to assist customers during this busy time. Following discussions between the contractors, an agreement was reached to provide customers with the option to continue their projects with A&R Solar and Elemental Energy.

The experience of Legend Solar customers described in the article is uncommon, but can occur in any industry. To assist customers, Energy Trust provides a list of solar trade ally contractors that meet Energy Trust licensing and insurance requirements as well as Energy Trust above-code installation requirements. Customers are encouraged to gather additional information and seek multiple bids before selecting a contractor. Our contractor selection tip sheet is a good resource to provide customers interested in doing additional research before selecting a contractor.

We have received multiple calls from customers in appreciation of Elemental Energy and A&R Solar’s offer to complete the installation of their solar systems. Oregon is fortunate to have many solar contractors, like Elemental Energy and A&R Solar, that are committed to customers and the solar industry.

If you have any questions, contact Jeni Hall.