Landlord-Provided Cooling Space initiative continues in 2023

Following the deadly heat dome event of 2021, the state of Oregon passed legislation to reduce the risk of more heat-related deaths. The Landlord-Provided Cooling Space initiative was one result of that legislation, and provides cash incentives to multifamily property owners and managers to purchase and install cooling equipment in common areas, such as lobbies, dining areas, community rooms, laundry rooms, or off-site spaces within ¼ mile of the property.

The goal of the initiative is to provide relief to tenants who may not have access to cooling in their individual units. It provides incentives for ductless heat pumps, along with portable and window air conditioners sized to provide safe cooling levels during extreme heat events.

While all multifamily properties are eligible to receive an incentive for qualifying landlord provided cooling spaces, priority properties are eligible to receive higher incentives. These include:

  • Tribal housing
  • Affordable multifamily housing
  • Nonprofit-managed multifamily housing
  • Senior-focused housing
  • Agricultural workforce housing
  • Manufactured home parks

For more information about this initiative, visit Energy Trust’s Landlord-Provided Cooling Spaces page, or contact Heath Heiberg, Existing Buildings trade ally manager, at 503.307.3328.