Instant discounts now available on water heaters at select retailers

Energy Trust is now working with two retailers—Grover Electric Plumbing and Supply and Lowe’s—to offer instant discounts on water heaters. Customers can receive up to a $300 discount when purchasing a qualifying water heater, with no incentive application needed.

The discount is applied at the time of sale and is included in the retailer’s final price. Energy Trust field staff will place stickers next to the price tag of qualifying models to show the final price after Energy Trust instant discounts. The price shown on the shelf is the price that will ring up at check out.

Water heaters purchased at retailers who do not offer instant discounts are still eligible for cash incentives after the customer submits an incentive application.

At this time, instant discounts are only available at Grover Electric Plumbing and Supply and Lowe’s stores in select Oregon locations. See the full list of locations offering instant discounts.