Heat pump projects for your customers

Ductless heating and cooling systems are a great fit for many businesses. They provide even air distribution for consistent, year-round comfort at a fraction of the cost of electric furnaces or inefficient baseboard, wall and ceiling heating. Energy-efficient ductless heat pumps, DHPs, follow our custom incentive process because projects can vary widely.

Custom projects typically include the following steps:

  1. Analysis—A technical analysis of potential energy-saving upgrades is obtained at the site and provided to Energy Trust.
  2. Review—Energy Trust technical staff review the analysis to ensure that savings estimates appear reasonable and potential upgrades meet cost-effectiveness criteria.
  3. Offer—Energy Trust provides a cash incentive offer for qualifying measures to be paid upon completion.
  4. Commit—A customer accepts the offer to reserve an incentive, indicating intent to proceed with installation.
  5. Payment—Energy Trust reviews documentation and provides your custom project incentive check. In some cases, a post-installation verification may be required.

Existing Buildings can work with you and your customer to explore incentives available for DHP applications (single or multi-head). In considering DHP applications, keep in mind that while Existing Buildings typically uses the existing heating and/or cooling system as the baseline scenario in the energy analysis, there are a variety of circumstances and contexts in which an alternative scenario may be appropriate.

Register for the 2015 Annual Update Webinar on April 15, 2015, to participate in a discussion about ductless heat pumps and the custom incentive application process. For questions, contact Nick Dreves, trade ally coordinator, 503.568.3324.