To get more referrals, make customers happy

SOLAR%20CUSTOMER%20EXPERIENCEA survey by National Renewable Energy Laboratory found that most solar customers are satisfied with both their solar systems and their installers. However, customers were 9 percent more likely to recommend their solar panels than to recommend their installers, suggesting that installers have room for improvement.

Based on these findings, authors of a Greentech Media article developed the following recommendations:

  • Set appropriate expectations
  • Tighten your operations
  • Be comfortable with customers shopping around
  • Provide easy ways for customers to be your advocate
  • Think big

Customer Acquisition costs can range from $118 to nearly $4,000 per residential installation according to the 2014 survey benchmarking solar soft costs in Oregon. An effective referral program can dramatically decrease the cost of customer acquisition, and solar trade ally contractors consistently report that they rely on referrals for a majority of their sales. the first step toward building a good referral program is to have happy customers!

For more information read the full article on Greentech Media.