Final Deadline to qualify for 2017 Oregon Department of Energy RETC is June 1, 2018

Solar projects must meet the following timelines to qualify for both an Energy Trust cash incentive and the Oregon Department of Energy Residential Energy Tax Credit (RETC). Projects that do not meet these timelines will not qualify, and the customer may not be able to claim either the cash incentive or tax credit for their project.

Tasks that must be complete on or before June 1, 2018
The Oregon Department of Energy must receive the complete application with the homeowner’s eSignature. The solar trade ally must update the application with local jurisdictional inspection date and any design revisions in order to put the project into “Homeowner Review” status. The homeowner must complete the eSignature process on or before June, 1 2018.If the applicant is planning to transfer the tax credit, ODOE must receive the pass-through application and the pass through partner must complete the eSignature process on or before June 1, 2018.For new residential construction, the dwelling must be used as either the primary or the secondary residence at the time the application is received by ODOE. Therefore the homeowner must have a Certificate of Occupancy for the site before completing the RETC application, and the eSignature process, which must be done on or before June 1, 2018. Please contact the Oregon Department of Energy by emailing or calling 1.800.221.8035 if you have any questions about whether your applications have met all requirements.

For more information or questions about the ODOE PowerClerk process or tax credit requirements: refer to the Tax Credit Technician Instructions sheet, email or call 1.800.221.8035.

For more information or questions about Energy Trust cash incentives, email Robert Wyllie or call 503.546.3611.

For more information on What to do if your Residential Energy Tax Credit certificate is delayed refer to our recent article.