What to expect from an Energy Trust solar-ready home

SolarReadyPictureNot every EPSTM home is built solar ready, but the numbers are steadily growing. Each year, more EPS homes include verified solar-ready infrastructure as part of the construction process.

Energy Trust’s Solar Ready Residential Installation Requirements provide step-by-step guidance for builders and electricians interested in building solar-ready EPS homes.

The following requirements must be met for a home to qualify as solar ready.

  • A minimum 200-square-foot area on the roof that meets at least 80 percent Total Solar Resource Fraction, with code setbacks
  • Electric panel with two reserved breaker spaces at the opposite end of the main feed (the breaker spaces should be labeled “reserved for solar” and a label stating “this home is solar ready” should be found on or near the electric panel)
  • Four square feet of wall space reserved near the electric panel
  • A minimum 4-inch square metal junction box, labeled “reserved for solar,”  located at the lower edge of the reserved space
  • Three-quarter inch EMT with three or fewer sweeps connecting the lower junction box to a 4-inch square metal junction box in the attic
  • An attic junction box securely fastened above the insulation level and labeled

A $200 solar ready cash incentive can be redirected from the EPS builder incentive to qualifying solar ready installers, including solar trade allies or Energy Trust trade allies with a licensed electrician who performs the work in accordance with Energy Trust Solar Ready Residential Installation Requirements. An Energy Trust verifier will inspect the work and complete any necessary paperwork during the rough and final inspections.

To learn more about Energy Trust’s solar offerings for new homes, contact Kendal Hansen at 503.347.0541.