Existing Buildings offers insulation bonus incentives through December 1

Energy Trust’s Existing Buildings program offers a variety of insulation incentives for commercial and multifamily buildings to help businesses save on installation costs and improve energy efficiency. On top of standard insulation incentives, Existing Buildings is also offering bonus incentives through December 1, 2023, for commercial attic, roof, and wall insulation.

Below is a table of the bonus incentives available:

MeasureStandard IncentiveBonusTotal Incentive
Attic Insulation (R-9 or less to R-25)$0.60 per sq ft$0.30 per sq ft$0.90 per sq ft
Roof Insulation (R-0 to R-30)$1.00 per sq ft$1.00 per sq ft$2.00 per sq ft
Roof Insulation (R-0 to R-15)$0.50 per sq ft$1.50 per sq ft$2.00 per sq ft
Wall Insulation (R-6 or less to R-20)$0.60 per sq ft$0.70 per sq ft$1.30 per sq ft

All applications must be received within 90 days of installation and no later than December 1, 2023, to receive insulation bonus incentives. Applications received within 90 days of installation but after December 1 will still be eligible for standard insulation incentives. Visit the Existing Buildings Standard Equipment Incentive Application – Form 120P for all Existing Buildings insulation incentive requirements and details.

If you have questions about Energy Trust incentives or insulation bonuses, contact the Existing Buildings trade ally team.