EPS Builder Spotlight: Legend Homes

Many homebuilders know that EPSTM can be a valuable tool in scoring and predicting a home’s energy performance. Jim Chapman, president of Legend Homes, has so much confidence in EPS that it is the foundation of Legend’s EarthSmart home guarantee. Legend uses EPS to predict home energy performance and build comfortable, efficient homes while keeping energy costs low.

For the first three years of ownership, Legend Homes guarantees that a home’s annual energy bills won’t exceed the projected energy costs—regardless of occupant behavior. Chapman’s confidence stems from a clear understanding of how building to EPS standards improves the energy use, overall integrity and livability of a home. “EPS is a true measure of energy-efficiency and the quality of construction execution. Both are crucial to the long-term success of the home and its occupants,” said Chapman.

By incorporating high-performing features such as energy-efficient insulation, windows, heating and cooling systems and appliances, Legend Homes is able to keep energy costs down. All newly built homes by Legend Homes receive an EPS. According to Chapman, clients “greatly appreciate the high level of quality and are amazed at how much lower the energy bills are compared to their last home.”

Learn how you can use EPS to estimate the energy performance of your next project.