EPS brings 10,000 energy-efficient homes to Oregon

Insider_nh_epsSince EPSTM was first introduced in 2009, Energy Trust has helped build 10,000 new EPS-rated homes. EPS is an energy performance score that provides a quick snapshot of home energy use. Qualifying homes are built to be at least 10 percent better than code, resulting in lower utility bills and long-lasting energy savings for homeowners. If you aren’t using Energy Trust’s EPS yet, now is the perfect time to join top builders across the state who receive extra recognition for the quality, comfort and efficiency of their newly built homes.

What’s the impact of 10,000 homes that use energy more wisely? For the average EPS household, it means energy cost savings of $500 or more per year, depending on the score. For homeowners, there’s great comfort in knowing their home has been tested and verified to perform.

To earn an EPS, a home must receive two inspections from Energy Trust third-party verifiers. These verifiers confirm the project meets EPS requirements, evaluate the home using modeling software and generate the score. A variety of factors determine the score, from insulation levels to heating and cooling performance, appliances, lighting and more. Scores range from zero to 200—the lower the score, the more efficient the home.

“Now we have people asking about EPS. t’s like the walk score; people are really starting to get it,” said Randy Sebastian, owner, Renaissance Homes.

“EPS is a true measure of energy efficiency and the quality of construction execution. Both are crucial to the long-term success of the home and its occupants,” said Jim Chapman, president, Legend Homes. “It comes down to a pretty straightforward idea: A home with an EPS is a better built home than one without.”

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