Energy Trust to begin serving Avista transport customers

Energy Trust of Oregon is now able to serve Avista’s schedule 439 and 456 transport gas customers, often referred to as “transport customers”, starting October 16, 2023. Transport customers historically haven’t been eligible for Energy Trust incentives, but now can access current commercial and industrial incentives for qualifying projects.

Transport customers are typically large commercial and industrial facilities that purchase natural gas from their own suppliers and have it transported or delivered through Avista’s utility distribution network. Avista recently worked with the Oregon Public Utility Commission to change eligibility requirements for schedule 439 and 456 transport customers, giving them access to Energy Trust incentives. The eligibility change is part of Avista’s efforts to become carbon neutral in its natural gas operations by 2045.

Energy Trust has worked with Avista and its customers since 2017 by providing cash incentives and other services to support energy-efficiency upgrades in homes, businesses, smaller industrial facilities, and agricultural operations. This change in eligibility increases opportunities to serve large commercial and industrial users of natural gas in Avista service areas. It also allows Energy Trust to offer more wholistic solutions to customers who previously could only receive electric incentives.

Energy Trust began reaching out to Avista transport customers regarding eligibility for natural gas incentives and services in June 2023. Starting in October 2023, Energy Trust program staff will again reach out to offer more specific program information, schedule site visits, and begin exploring potential natural gas efficiency projects at customer sites.

Customers who have general questions about Energy Trust can reach us at 1.866.368.7878 or Commercial customers may call 1.866.605.1676 or email Industrial and agricultural customers may contact us at 1.866.202.0576 or