Energy Trust support available for your B2B marketing efforts

Energy Trust can help your business leverage Energy Trust’s upcoming advertising campaign to attract customers.

In May, Energy Trust will launch a multimedia (TV, radio, print and online) advertising campaign to promote energy-efficiency to businesses. The campaign uses lighting as a hook to connect customers to trade allies. Once connected, trade allies can then help customers learn more about Energy Trust incentives and services. Energy Trust will run two flights of TV, radio, print and online advertising in May, June and October 2015.

From June through September 2015, trade allies who sign up as campaign allies can receive cooperative marketing reimbursement for up to 50 percent of marketing costs when their company logo and contact information are included in campaign advertising. There will be a range of campaign options and advertising channels to fit your business and budget. Cooperative marketing fund limits and available advertising channels will be determined in May. Read here about standard cooperative marketing guidelines.

Through advertising, Energy Trust is investing in building customer interest and awareness about energy-efficiency and cash incentives for Oregon businesses, and your company plays a key role in these efforts. We hope you’ll join us to make this campaign a success.

Sign up to join the campaign now. If you have questions, contact Whitney Rideout, market manager, at 503.636.1964.