Energy Trust solar marketing program now on HeatSpring

The Build it Bright! Crafting Your Solar Marketing Program training series for solar installers is now available on HeatSpring, an educational platform with an online community of more than 43,000 solar and clean tech professionals. Participants in the solar marketing program can now earn a completion certificate by taking the course through this online educational tool.

The series was created as part of ongoing efforts to reduce solar costs and increase solar installations in Oregon. Soft costs account for more than 50 percent of the total cost of an average Oregon system, including costs related to permitting, inspection and interconnection, installation labor hours, financing and customer acquisition.

The Build it Bright! Crafting Your Solar Marketing Program training series is facilitated by Glenna Wiseman of Identity3, a nationally recognized solar marketing expert. “This series is not about one-size-fits-all marketing solar solutions,” said Wiseman. “Every solar contractor has unique brand identity and marketplace strengths. We created a vibrant marketing solar forum. Together we explore best practices, hear from marketing experts and follow a disciplined path to save time and money to craft a foundation for efficient, impactful marketing.”

This program delivers content through webinars, slides, podcasts, blog posts and free interactive marketing tools to help solar installers across the U.S. improve the effectiveness of their marketing and reduce soft costs related to customer acquisition.


  1. Taking stock: Assessing the condition of your marketing foundation
  2. Mapping strategy: Engineering your marketing success
  3. Presenting your best: Marketing campaigns and creative content
  4. Efficient activation: Tools and strategies for efficient campaign delivery
  5. Tracking results: Implementing systematic return on investment reporting
  6. Putting it all together: From assessment to tracking results, create the building blocks of your solar marketing program

Self-paced online course

This online lecture series can be completed at your own pace with lecture videos and materials available on demand.

Earn a certificate of completion

When you complete a module, you are eligible for a certificate of completion from HeatSpring. You can download your certificate upon completing each course and share on LinkedIn .

Access the “Build it Bright! Crafting Your Solar Marketing Program” on HeatSpring here.

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