Energy Trust launches updated solar calculator for customer education

Energy Trust’s online solar calculator is now more visual and interactive. Energy Trust worked with Clean Power Research to customize the WattPlan Advisor tool specifically for Oregon. This tool is now available to homeowners and businesses across the state.

The solar calculator helps utility customers gather information and compare the costs and benefits of installing a solar system at a specific home or business. Customers can input information about utility bills and rate structures to see how solar energy generation could help offset energy use. Customers can also model other rate structures to compare savings.

For customers ready to get started on a solar project, the Energy Trust solar calculator lets them request proposals from solar trade allies who are qualified to participate in the solar leads program. For more information on how to qualify for solar leads go to the Trade Ally Rating page on Insider.

You can get familiar with Energy Trust’s solar calculator online. If you have questions, please contact Jeni Hall, senior project manager – Solar, at 503.459.4075.