Energy Trust Increases Instant Discounts for Business Lighting

Energy Trust’s Business Lighting team is happy to announce that increased instant discounts are available on select products sold through participating distributors. This is an exciting change for distributors, trade allies and customers alike.  

We’ve increased instant discounts by up to 50% for some of the most popular lighting products such as HID replacement lamps, TLEDs, high/ low-bay fixtures and exterior fixtures. Updates effective May 15, 2022, include:  

Qualifying LED Product  OLD Instant Discount (per lamp or fixture)  Updated Instant Discount (per lamp or fixture) 
HID to LED Screw-In, 49W or less $15.00  $22.50  
HID to LED Screw-In, 50-80W $25.00  $37.50  
HID to LED Screw-In, 81W+ $35.00  $52.50  
2' TLED line voltage or remote driver (B/C) $2.00  $3.00  
2' TLED in line (A) $1.50  $2.25  
3' TLED line voltage or remote driver (B/C) $3.00  $4.50  
3' TLED in line (A) $2.25  $3.50  
4' or U-bend TLED line voltage or remote driver (B/C) $4.00  $6.00  
4' or U-bend TLED in line (A) $3.00  $4.50  
5' TLED line voltage or remote driver (B/C) $5.00  $7.50  
5' TLED in line (A) $3.75  $5.50  
6' TLED line voltage or remote driver (B/C) $6.00  $9.00  
6' TLED in line (A) $4.50  $6.75  
8' TLED line voltage or remote driver (B/C) $8.00  $12.00  
8' TLED in line (A) $6.00  $9.00  
High/Low Bay, Fixture, 40-90W $60.00  $90.00  
High/Low Bay, Fixture, 91-140W $95.00  $142.50  
High/Low Bay, Fixture, 141-299W $105.00  $157.50  
High/Low Bay, Fixture, 300W+ $145.00  $217.50  
Exterior Fixture, 20W or less $25.00  $32.00  
Exterior Fixture, 21-40W $35.00  $44.00  
Exterior Fixture, 41-90W $75.00  $85.00  
Exterior Fixture, 91W-140W $110.00  $160.00  
Exterior Fixture, 141-299W $130.00  $195.00  
Exterior Fixture, 300W+ $200.00  $300.00  

Note that incentives totaling more than $2,500 per project still require pre-authorization. 

Discounts received through the Instant Discounts for Business Lighting offer may not be combined with other Energy Trust incentives such as the Business Lighting standard offer or New Buildings program. Confirm the project’s scope of work to determine which program and offer best suits your project’s needs. To learn more or to find a participating distributor, visit the Instant Discounts for Business Lighting page 

If you have questions about these updates or other lighting incentives and requirements, please contact your account manager or email