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Energy Trust completes competitive contract selection for commercial program management and delivery

Energy Trust has selected program management contractor TRC Environmental and program delivery contractor CLEAResult to deliver key components of its commercial programs beginning on January 1, 2021. The selection was approved by the board of directors and follows a competitive solicitation process.

With these new contracts, Energy Trust will implement changes to how some commercial and industrial programs are delivered. Starting next year, TRC will manage the Existing Buildings program, which will also include existing multifamily and energy management services. CLEAResult will deliver all lighting offerings for existing commercial, multifamily and industrial customers, which will be combined into one program delivery contract.

TRC and CLEAResult bring expertise in delivering cost-effective energy-efficiency programs and developing innovative solutions. Both will focus on serving communities of color, customers with low incomes and rural customers; promoting diversity within our Trade Ally Network; and subcontracting with minority- and women-owned businesses and community-based organizations.

We will work closely with the new and current contractors to ensure a seamless transition for customers and trade allies. At this time, there will be no changes for trade ally contacts or processes in 2020. You’ll hear more soon about changes planned for 2021. If you have questions, please contact Tom Beverly, trade ally and customer service manager, at 503.445.7637.

Energy Trust competitively bids out contracts to ensure delivery of effective services and value for ratepayers. This is in accordance with guidance from the Oregon Public Utility Commission and best practices for utilities and energy-efficiency programs. Find more information about the selected firms and Energy Trust’s competitive solicitation process in this press release.