ENERGY STAR® fryers offer efficient, low-oil options

Woman standing in front of a deep fryer holding a fryer basket.Even a small restaurant can have an energy bill rivaling that of a large retail clothing store. In a foodservice business, food preparation equipment consumes significantly more energy than HVAC, refrigeration, sanitation and lighting. Upgrading to high-efficiency equipment can make a big difference in monthly overhead expenses, and Energy Trust of Oregon can help.

Foodservice businesses need to consider many factors when purchasing new or replacement equipment, such as fryers. It’s challenging to find the right products that will provide the most value and meaningful features while staying within budget. Fortunately, Energy Trust cash incentives are available to help foodservice businesses of all sizes acquire high-efficiency fryers at a savory price. Our incentives cover a wide selection of high-performance fryers that have received ENERGY STAR certification.

ENERGY STAR certified fryers offer benefits that extend beyond just energy savings. According to the Food Service Technology Center, tested fryers have quicker reheat rates, longer oil life and more consistent cooking results than non-ENERGY STAR models. They contribute to increased staff productivity and safety, consistently higher food quality and reduced oil and energy waste—all of which improve the bottom line. Other benefits include:

  • Energy Trust incentives of $225-$1,000 per vat for qualifying equipment
  • Shorter cook times and higher production rates
  • Increased customer comfort and food quality
  • Reduced standby losses
  • Some have smaller, oil-conserving vats with auto-filtration, leading to less oil use and waste
  • Faster heating and ability to maintain more precise temperatures
  • Extended equipment life and reduced maintenance
  • ENERGY STAR certification verifies manufacturer claims regarding energy efficiency of equipment

If you’re a foodservice equipment provider, or consultant to foodservice businesses, you can help your customers choose ENERGY STAR equipment that qualifies for Energy Trust incentives. Use the online list to find qualifying, high-efficiency models. You’ll enable your customers to reduce their operating expenses and achieve lower energy costs—without compromising on production, performance or quality.

For more information about foodservice equipment, contact Angel Swanson, trade ally coordinator, at 503.278.9440.