Documentation best practices to keep projects moving

Energy Trust’s Business Lighting team understands the importance of quick project approvals. Problems with incentive application approval or processing can contribute to other project delays. By following a few best practices outlined below, trade allies can reduce delays caused by unnecessary back-and-forth communications and requests for missing information.

1. Provide a completed lighting tool:

  • On the 100L information tab, always input “the square footage affected by the lighting project”. Do not leave this section blank.
  • On the 100L information tab, always input, to the best of your ability, the most accurate estimated project completion date. Factor in the amount of time needed to provide final project documentation to Energy Trust.
  • On the equipment type tab, always input the complete model number of the proposed equipment.
  • On the 103L analysis tab, always input the “Location Area/Room”. Do not leave this section blank.​
  • On the 103L analysis tab, always input the “Measure Description”. Do not leave this section blank.
  • On the lighting tool controls tab, always input the percent time at lowest wattage as a decimal.

2. Request a project extension:

  • If your estimated completion date changes and will not allow project completion within 180 days of the 120L incentive reservation offer date, please request an extension of the incentive reservation by emailing before the incentive reservation date expires. We recommend that you contact us AT LEAST two weeks before the incentive reservation expires.

3. Indicate the incentive payee when submitting your final project documentation.

  • When submitting your invoice to, please mention the incentive payee in the body of your email. This will help expedite issuing the 140L Completion Certificate form.​

By following these best practices, trade allies can help avoid common delays in application approval and processing. If you have questions, please contact your account manager, or email us at