Design Lights Consortium delists lighting products

On April 1, the Design Lights Consortium delisted all lighting products from its qualified product list (QPL) that do not meet their latest technical requirements. This is part of a continuous effort by the Design Lights Consortium to only represent top-tier lighting products that are leading the industry in performance and longevity.

Projects with lighting products that are no longer qualified under the QPL may be submitted up to 90 days following the product’s removal from the QPL. If a product was removed in the latest round of updates on April 1, Energy Trust will continue to accept that product on project submissions until June 30, 2017.

The Design Lights Consortium maintains a QPL for commercial and industrial LED products that are used by energy efficiency programs across North America to ensure a consistent standard of product efficiency and performance. Energy Trust commercial and industrial programs require that  LED products are recognized on a QPL, such as the QPL maintained by Design Lights Consortium.

The Design Lights Consortium periodically updates the QPL technical requirements, consequently disqualifying numerous products. Design Lights Consortium works closely with utility and lighting industry manufacturers and stakeholders, and provide adequate warning so manufacturers can accelerate product improvements to meet the new technical requirements.

For more information, visit the Design Lights Consortium website.