Customers can save energy and money with incentives for compressed air equipment

Close-up of compressed air canisters.Trade allies can help customers reduce operating costs and increase equipment longevity by improving the efficiency of their compressed air equipment. Cash incentives from Energy Trust can help make it more affordable.

Consider and examine the entire system when striving to improve air compressor efficiency. The system includes not only the air compressor, but also the supply lines, air storage tanks and air dryers. By making the right adjustments to the system and installing more efficient equipment, you can help your customers save energy and money.

Energy Trust offers incentives on several types of equipment that help raise the performance and efficiency of compressed air systems. These include:

  • Zero-loss condensate drains
  • Cycling refrigerated dryers
  • Additional receiver capacity for trim compressors
  • Low-pressure drop filters

You can find details about compressed air equipment incentives on the Energy Trust website and in the full Standard Incentives Brochure, which shows more incentives available from Energy Trust.

For additional information, contact Aaron Lazelle, trade ally coordinator, at 541.460.1517.