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Customer service tip: How to use email and voicemail effectively

You work hard to cultivate long-term, positive relationships through one-on-one communication with your customers. When you’re out of the office or unable to respond immediately, it’s important for your customers to know that you or someone on your staff will get back to them quickly. Use email and voicemail to acknowledge receipt of messages, reinforce the fact that each customer is important and assure them that you are organized and service oriented.

Your email account has an automatic reply feature that can send customers an instant response thanking them for their email and letting them know when they can expect a personal response. Make sure your automatic message provides specific times or dates that you’ll be unavailable, as well as contact information for a staff member who can provide assistance during your absence. Learn how to create automated replies from three leading email providers:

Use a similar approach with your voicemail greeting. When you’re away from the office for an extended time, record a voicemail greeting that lets customers know when you’ll return, when someone will respond and an alternate contact they can reach for immediate needs.