Custom control systems amplify energy savings

As it becomes more difficult to find energy savings from basic lamp and fixture replacements, custom control systems provide opportunities. These custom control devices include daylighting, multi-input control systems, advanced controls, luminaire-level lighting controls and networked lighting controls. Through the Business Lighting program, Energy Trust of Oregon offers incentives for qualifying custom control systems at a maximum of 40% total eligible measure cost not to exceed $0.20 annual kWh saved.

Advanced lighting controls such as networked lighting controls, lumen-level lighting controls, direct digital controls and energy management systems provide the most savings. Their energy-saving strategies include occupancy or vacancy sensing, daylight harvesting, zoning, scheduling, high-end trim, continuous dimming, task tuning, demand response and external systems integration, including HVAC.

A study by Design Lights Consortium and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory found that advanced lighting controls systems provide an additional 23% energy savings on top of fluorescent to LED replacement. These systems also offer non-energy benefits such as a user interface, remote diagnostics, color changing, scene control, asset tracking, space utilization, B-Iot, integration with building security and emergency response, and personal control. The extensive benefits of advanced lighting controls can promote the achievement of your customer’s goals.

For more information on incentives for custom control systems, please check out our Program Information Form on the Insider.