Complete your commercial and industrial lighting projects in 2015

Finish 2015 strong by completing your commercial and industrial lighting projects. The volume of project applications submitted to Energy Trust is expected to increase through the end of the year. To help expedite application processing and receive your incentives as soon as possible, we’re here to help you complete any outstanding projects.

Reference this checklist prior to submitting applications to help our team process applications most efficiently:

  • In the Lighting Tool:
    • On the 103L tab, enter the manufacturer name and complete part number for each line that is LED
    • Fill in the entire T8 lamp and ballast part numbers
    • Complete every field on the 100L tab
  • Provide complete LED spec sheets and QPL listings
  • Use the wattages listed on the spec sheets, not the DLC listing
  • For custom controls, provide specs and explanation

Still have questions about a specific project or completing a lighting project application? Contact your project coordinator directly:

Gwen Lusk503.639.8899
Angeline Sanford 503.557.7160
Lisa Hull503.559.7379
Kelly Zillman503.380.9781