Cash in with early design assistance

There are plenty of reasons to plan ahead and value the opinions of all participants in a new construction project. Most importantly, careful planning reduces the chances of costly onsite errors. Energy Trust offers $500 to builders who meet early design assistance incentive requirements.

Energy Trust’s incentive for early design assistance encourages builders to gather a team to evaluate projects in their early planning stages. The team should include the builder, superintendent, designer/architect, customer, subcontractors and verifier, and must feature at least one New Homes team member. Consulting each party is a smart move that pays off in more ways than one. The early design assistance facilitator creates an opportunity for all participants to provide input, voice their concerns and discuss installation sequencing. This gives the builder a chance to address any potential problem areas long before the correction window closes.

For an example of early design planning in action, consider the process when a builder or architect works with an HVAC contractor. Traditionally, HVAC contractors don’t enter the picture until the home is in the post-framing stage. This often leaves them in the position of accommodating a home that wasn’t initially designed for a specific HVAC system. An early design planning session helps to avoid this predicament by encouraging early collaboration in the design stage. It allows the designer to make adjustments, the framer to maintain proper clearances and routing, and keeps plumbers and electricians aware of potential conflicts. The end result is a better performing system that costs less up front, is less expensive to maintain and offers superior comfort—all great benefits for both the builder and future homeowner.

Find more information about early design assistance incentives here or contact Energy Trust’s trade ally coordinator at 1.877.283.0698.