Calculating the Oregon Solar + Storage Rebate

We used average system costs, sizes and the current Energy Trust incentive rates to create examples in the tables below, which shows how the Energy Trust cash incentive and the Oregon Solar + Storage Rebate could be combined on a project. Refer to the Administrative Rules for detailed incentive calculations for solar systems and storage systems.

If you have any questions about the Oregon Solar + Storage Rebate Program please contact the Oregon Department of Energy ODOE.SolarRebates​ or 1.800.221.8035.

Oregon Solar + Storage Rebate Program Calculation Method Examples 

 Residential rebate (6kW) Low- or moderate-income residential
rebate (6kW)
Low-income service provider rebate (100kW)
Total Eligible Project Cost*$20,000$20,000 $250,000
Utility Incentive**   ($2,100)  ($9,000)  ($20,000)
Net Cost*** $17,900$11,000$230,000
ODOE Rebate   ($1,200)  ($5,000)  ($30,000)
Out of Pocket Cost to Customer $16,700$6,000$200,000
26% Federal Tax Credit   ($4,342)  ($1,560)  ($52,000)
 Residential rebate Solar (6kW) + Storage (13.5kWh)Low- or moderate-income residential rebate
Solar (6kW) + Storage (13.5kWh)
Total Eligible Project Cost*$20,000$14,000$20,000$14,000
Utility Incentive**   ($2,100)  $0  ($9,000)  $0
Net Cost***$17,900$14,000$11,000$14,000
ODOE Rebate   ($1,200)  ($2,500)  ($5,000)  ($2,500)
Out of Pocket Cost to Customer$16,700$11,500$6,000$11,500
26% Federal Tax Credit   ($4,342)  ($2,990)  ($1,560)  ($2,990)

*“Eligible project cost” means the costs allowed for determining the rebate, including solar photovoltaic modules, mounting structure and hardware, associated electrical equipment, energy storage system equipment, and labor costs. [330-240-0010 (6)] 

*“Ineligible project cost” means the costs not allowed for determining the rebate, including, but not limited to, financing charges, maintenance costs, service contracts, extended warranties, reroofing, or costs for auxiliary 

distribution systems such as electric vehicle charging stations. [330-240-0010 (9)] 

**“Utility incentive” means financial assistance that lowers the capital cost of a solar electric system or paired solar and storage system and that is provided directly from an electric utility as defined in ORS 757.600 or from funds provided by the Energy Trust of Oregon pursuant to ORS 757.612. [330-240-0010 (18)] 

***“Net cost” has the definition given in Oregon Laws 2019 Chapter 655 Section 1(5) and means the actual cost of the purchase, construction, and installation of a solar electric system or a paired solar and storage system, minus any incentive received for the system from the electric utility serving the customer for which the system is installed. [330-240-0010 (11)]