Business Development Funds help with marketing costs

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Very few trade allies realize that they have access to Business Development Funds through Energy Trust Existing Buildings which can help them as they grow and promote their businesses. As an Existing Buildings commercial or multifamily trade ally, you are eligible to receive partial reimbursement for marketing projects and training approved by Energy Trust, which can help your marketing and training budgets stretch even further.

Business Development Funds are available through multiple Energy Trust programs, including Existing Buildings. Trade allies who participate in multiple Energy Trust programs should check with their respective account or outreach managers for details about each program.

The steps for reimbursement are simple:

1. Request pre-approval

Before releasing your marketing project or attending training, email a completed pre-approval application and draft versions of your marketing piece or a description of the training/event to

2. Produce your marketing materials or attend the training/event

After receiving Energy Trust’s written approval, produce your marketing materials or attend the pre-approved training/event.

3. Submit for payment

Submit an invoice for print and production costs or training costs within 15 days of project release or training/event date.

To be approved for Existing Buildings Business Development Funds, you must be enrolled as an Existing Buildings or multifamily trade ally and marketing materials must promote Existing Buildings or multifamily offers. Training must be relevant to your work as a trade ally. Standard trade allies are reimbursed at 30% of project/training costs, up to an annual maximum of $3,000. Up to $2,000 of that maximum may be used for training, capped at $200 per person.

MBE, WBE, VBE & Rural1 trade allies are eligible for reimbursement of 50% of project/training costs up to an annual maximum of $4,000. Up to $2,000 of that maximum may be used for training, capped at $250 per person.

Energy Trust issues reimbursement checks within 60 business days of receiving all required materials. Funds are limited and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Funding and project eligibility are subject to change. Energy Trust reserves the right to decline reimbursement for any project.

For questions regarding Business Development Funds for Existing Buildings and multifamily trade allies in Oregon or Southwest Washington contact Heath Heiberg, Existing Buildings Trade Ally Manager, at 503.812.4087.

(1Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Women Business Enterprise (WBE) and Veteran Business Enterprise (VBE) designate minority-owned, women-owned, and veteran-owned businesses certified by Oregon’s Certification Office for Business Inclusion and Diversity (COBID). Rural businesses are designated as businesses that serve rural customers, as determined by Energy Trust.)