Bring Energy Trust with you on sales calls

Your familiarity with Energy Trust incentives could be the key to making your next sale. By bringing Energy Trust incentive guides with you on sales calls so you have ready access to our current incentive information, you can quote accurate and up-to-date incentive amounts and ensure that you’re ready to answer customer questions. This technique can also help start a conversation about other services you can provide for your customers.

Existing Homes incentive guides:

  • PI 320I – Incentives and tax credits for existing site-built homes (PDF)
  • PI 320I-WA – NW Natural Washington incentives for existing site-built homes (PDF)
  • PI 320F – Incentives for existing manufactured homes (PDF)
  • PI 320 MIT – Incentives for Savings Within Reach qualified homes (PDF)
  • PI 320DI – Incentives for direct installation of energy-saving products (PDF)

Existing Buildings incentive guides:

  • Existing Buildings Standard Incentive Brochure – Oregon (PDF)
  • Existing Buildings Standard Incentive Brochure – Washington (PDF)

New Buildings incentive guides:

Existing Multifamily incentive guides:

  • Multifamily Cash Incentive Booklet (PDF)

All program incentive guides and other incentive information for trade allies is located on the Insider forms and resources page of each Energy Trust program. For more information about incentive guides and other helpful materials, contact your trade ally coordinator, or call us at 1.866.368.7878.