Bookmark this: Existing Buildings standard incentive changes in Oregon, effective January 1, 2020

Every year, Energy Trust reviews incentives for cost effectiveness. We also add new incentives during this annual process. The following updates apply to Energy Trust Existing Buildings projects, and unless otherwise noted, will go into effect on January 1, 2020. Incentives which are not included in the list below will remain unchanged on January 1, 2020. These updates do not apply to other Energy Trust programs.

Measure2019 Incentive2020 IncentiveDetails
Lodging and Foodservice Equipment
Ductless Heat Pump (New)N/A$200/ton of cooling capacityMinimum efficiency of 16 SEER and 9 HSPF.
No baseboard heating in spaces directly served by DHP.
Single compressor systems with up to two heads per dwelling unit.
Eligible only in lodging.
Bathroom Faucet Aerators$3 each$2 each≤ 0.5 GPM.
Minimum 15 purchased per site.
Site receives water heating from a participating utility.
Commercial Vent Hood$750/fan motor hp$750/controlled motor hpMotor speeds must be controlled by a programmable controller, with scheduling, occupancy sensing, and heat sensing capabilities.
Variable speed control must be installed on both the make-up air unit motor and the hood exhaust motor.
Make-up air must be tempered.
Retrofit hp must not exceed total existing hp of make-up air unit and exhaust fan motor.
Anti-Sweat Heater (ASH) Controls$40–$50/linear ft of door$40–$50/linear ft of doorTechnology that reduces energy consumption of ASH based on sensing humidity, dew point or condensation, with expected reduction of 50% or greater for the glass door (if applicable) and door frame.
ASH controls must not be present prior to installation.
Does not have an existing refrigeration EMS.
Does not apply to doors without ASH.
Site receives electricity from a participating utility.
Evaporator Fan Motors $80–$120/motor replaced$80–$120/motor replacedRetrofit case from a shaded pole or permanent split capacitor to an electronically commutated motor (ECM) or a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM).
Site receives electricity from a participating utility.
Evaporator Fan Controls$100/fan controlDiscontinued
Oversized Condenser w/VFD Air or Evaporatively Cooled Condenser$120/condenser tonDiscontinued
Floating Head Pressure Controls (FHPC), Single Compressor, Condensing Unit$100/compressor hpDiscontinued
FHPC, Single Compressor,
Remote Condenser
$60/compressor hpDiscontinued
LED Display Case Lighting Motion Sensors$2–$4/linear ft of fixture$2–$3/linear ft of fixture
Computer Equipment
Load-Sensing Plug Strip$20 eachDiscontinued
Occupancy Sensor Plug Strip$20 eachDiscontinued
HVAC and Water Heating
Commercial Hot Water
Condensing Boiler,
Space Heating
$8-10/kBtu/h inputDiscontinued
Commercial Condensing HVAC Boiler (New)N/A$3.25/kBtu/h inputMinimum 94% efficiency (either AFUE or thermal efficiency).
Redundant, lagging or backup boilers do not qualify.
Boilers used for DHW or pool heating do not qualify.
Boilers, also known as “heat adders”, serving the water loops in water-source heat pump systems do not qualify.
Boiler system design return temperature must be appropriate to condensing functionality.
Cannot be combined with the Modulating Boiler Burner measure.
Modulating Boiler Burner$2/kBtu/h input$5/kBtu/h inputInstalled on a natural gas-fired boiler that is used for space heating.
Boilers used for process heating, DHW or pool heating are
not eligible.
5-to-1 turndown ratio or higher.
Replacement of a dual stage burner or an on-off burner.
Cannot be combined with the Commercial Condensing HVAC Boiler measure.
Hydronic Heating Circulator Pumps (New)N/A$100-$750 eachUsed in hydronic heating application.
Limited to in-line circulators with horizontal motors.
Pump motors must be ECM, not induction.
Site receives electricity from a participating utility.
Attic Insulation$0.60/sq ft$0.60/sq ftInsulate attic to ≥ R-25 efficiency rating.
No existing insulation, unless damaged or missing.
Damaged or missing insulation must be prequalified and documented by the installation contractor.
Roof Insulation$0.60/sq ft$0.50-$1/sq ftInsulate roof to ≥ R-15 or ≥ R-30 efficiency rating.
No existing insulation, unless existing is damaged or missing.
Damaged or missing insulation must be prequalified and documented by the installation contractor.
Roof Insulation$0.30/sq ft$1.00/sq ftInsulate roof to ≥ R-30 efficiency rating.
Existing insulation must be ≤ R-5.
Wall Insulation$0.60/sq ft$0.60/sq ftInsulate wall to ≥ R-20 efficiency rating. No existing insulation.
Pipe Insulation$2-$6/lineal ft of pipe$4-$12/lineal ft of pipeNo existing insulation.
Jacketing that provides an appropriate level of protection for the insulation under the given environmental conditions to maintain the life of the insulation. This will commonly be All Service Jacketing (ASJ) or PVC in indoor applications and aluminum or stainless steel jacketing for outdoor projects.
Pipe diameter ≤ 1.5” will insulate to at least 1.5” thickness.
Piping must be part of a system using natural gas provided by a participating utility.
Pipe diameter > 1.5” will insulate to at least 2” thickness.
Compressed Air
Zero-Loss Condensate Drains$100 eachDiscontinued
Cycling Refrigerated Dryers$2/scfm rated capacityDiscontinued
Additional Receiver Capacity$2.50/gallonDiscontinued
Low-Pressure Drop Filters$1.50/scfm rated capacityDiscontinued
Service Shops and Warehouses
Inverter-Driven Welder$1,200 each$1,200 eachReplacing existing functioning transformer driven welders.
Run time of at least 2,000 hours/year (including standby time).
Maximum of 25 welders replaced or purchased per site (if 26 welders or more in a single project, please contact Energy Trust).
Rated to at least 210 Amps and at least 40% duty cycle.
Welders for residential/hobbyist use are not eligible.

For more information about standard incentive changes and effective dates, contact Nick Dreves, Existing Buildings trade ally manager, at 503.568.3324.