Best Practices: Virtual verifications

As we continue the year with virtual verifications, it is helpful to follow these five tips for an accurate and quick review of your project.

  1. During surveys, identify all fixture types, fixture wattages, and the annual hours of operation for each measure. (Note that the annual hours can be overridden from the default on the Form 103L of the Lighting Tool to represent actual hours of each space.)
  2. When conducting surveys, get in the habit of taking PRE and POST photos to help illustrate the project.
  3. When submitting new projects and final invoices, include relevant photos of key measures such as high wattage fixtures or measures with the greatest kWh savings. Clear closeup photos that identify a lamp or fixture wattage are welcomed and should be included.
    close up of lamp label close up of lamp label
  4. For controls measures, determine how many fixtures are being controlled by a sensor and the percent savings. (Note that the actual number of fixtures being controlled by a sensor, or the percent savings, might need to be adjusted on the Form-Controls of the Lighting Tool.)
  5. When submitting final invoices, include an “As Built” Lighting Tool that represents the final scope of the project.

If you have questions, please contact Tom Morin, senior account manager, at 503.523.9750.