Best practices – Keeping the documentation process moving

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Business Lighting trade allies know the importance of following through on project timelines to satisfy customers. Some project delays are difficult to predict, such as supply chain issues, but others are more controllable, and trade allies can take steps to minimize them. One area where trade allies can help avoid payment delays is with incentive application processing. By following a few best practices, trade allies can reduce unnecessary back-and-forth communications and requests for missing information.

1. Contact if the project scope of work changes. This includes incentive increases and changes in the completion date.

  • If there is any change or increase in project scope from the amount on the signed 120L, please notify Energy Trust Business Lighting before you install the project and before submitting project documentation. Use the email to do this.
  • If there is a change in the estimated completion date that will not allow your project to finish within 180 days of the 120L incentive reservation offer date, please request an extension at before the incentive reservation date expires. We recommend that you contact us at LEAST two weeks before the incentive reservation expires.

2. Provide these documents during initial project submission:

  • Manufacturer cut sheets
  • Photos of the existing equipment
  • Participant’s W-9 form if the participant is receiving the incentive check and has not previously participated in an Energy Trust incentive program

For more information, contact Dave Backen, Program Consultant, at 1.503.984.5720.