Best practices—Keeping the documentation process moving (W-9 form)

Energy Trust of Oregon Business Lighting trade allies understand the benefits that lighting upgrades bring to their customers. They also understand the benefits of Energy Trust incentives and play a key role in the application process. Trade allies can ensure a more efficient application process and avoid delays by remembering to submit a copy of the participant’s W-9 form—a crucial, but sometimes overlooked, part of the process.

Late submission of a customer’s W-9 can be a speed bump that delays incentive processing and payment. Trade allies can show their expertise and avoid this problem by securing and submitting a W-9 at the start of the process.

Trade allies can position themselves as incentive experts by obtaining project documentation, such as a W-9 form, in the early stages of a project.

Customers will appreciate these efforts to ensure an expedited, streamlined incentive process.

For more tips and information, contact Tom Morin, senior account manager, at 503.467.2113.