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Avista Interruptible customers now eligible

Energy Trust is now able to serve a new group of Avista customers in Oregon. Avista Schedule 440 Interruptible gas customers are now eligible to receive current Energy Trust incentives for qualifying projects effective immediately. This opens new opportunities for Energy Trust and trade allies to serve additional natural gas customers, many of which are in rural areas. 

Customers on Schedule 440 were previously ineligible for Energy Trust incentives. They are typically large commercial and industrial facilities with good potential for natural gas savings. Under this new initiative they can now receive applicable Energy Trust incentives for studies, technical services and qualifying capital projects. 

Energy Trust’s Existing Buildings and Production Efficiency teams recently began reaching out to these customers to identify potential projects in eligible facilities. To support this outreach, Energy Trust has implemented system changes to accommodate the new customer group. With outreach underway, we expect to see initial project submissions begin by mid-2023.     

Energy Trust Existing Buildings and Production Efficiency trade allies can potentially assist these new customers with projects. We encourage trade allies to contact us to learn more about these new customers or for help with projects. For help with Existing Buildings (commercial) questions, please contact Heath Heiberg at For Production Efficiency (industrial) questions, please speak with Whitney Rideout at 

As always, please check Insider for updates as this new initiative continues.