2022 Trade Ally Award Criteria  

Energy Trust of Oregon’s Business Lighting Program is excited to announce the 2022 Trade Ally Award Criteria outlined below. For 2022, there are three main achievement categories: Program Enrollments, Energy Savings and New Trade Ally of the Year. Please note that this year’s tracking period began January 24, 2022, and will go through October 31, 2022. This means that only projects submitted during these dates will count towards awards.  

Program Enrollments: 

Energy Trust recognizes the invaluable role trade allies play in connecting the Business Lighting Program to ratepayers across our service territory and completing energy saving projects. To highlight trade allies who promote the program’s intention to provide equitable service to all ratepayers, we are introducing awards for trade allies who help expand our reach by bringing in the most first-time participants to the program as well as complete the most projects in hard-to-reach rural areas. These apply to Business Lighting Standard track (lighting tool) projects only.  

Most new Energy Trust Business Lighting customers served  

One award will be given to the trade ally that completes the most lighting upgrades to customers who have not previously received Business Lighting Standard track incentives.  

Most rural customers served 

Three awards will be given to trade allies with the most projects in rural areas. The following cities do not qualify for the rural award: Albany, Aloha, Beaverton, Bend, Corvallis, Eugene, Gresham, Hillsboro, Medford, Portland, Salem, Springfield, and Tigard. All other addresses in cities not listed will be eligible. 

Energy Savings: 

At the core the program’s purview is a commitment to deliver as much energy savings as possible to ratepayers and utilities, which is why this year we will continue to commend those trade allies who contribute the highest level of kWh savings. 

Most kWh saved by region 

The top 20 trade allies with the highest savings through the Business Lighting standard track will be awarded, with six spots reserved for those allies located in rural regions outside Portland Metro (Region 3) and Mid-Willamette (Region 4). Please note that savings are based upon where the trade ally’s main office is located and allies with multiple locations will have their savings bundled and be considered Region 3 for the analysis. Our out-of-state allies will also be considered Region 3.  

In addition to the 20 awards, trade allies could also receive honorable mentions in the following areas: 

  • Most kWh savings from commercial projects  
  • Most kWh savings from industrial customers (not including grow/indoor agriculture)  
  • Most kWh savings from grow/indoor agricultural customers 

Business Lighting Instant Discount Distributors with the most kWh savings 

Following the addition of the Instant Discounts for Business Lighting offer, we are thrilled to announce a new award that will recognize trade ally distributors who help business customers benefit from high performing lighting solutions at a price comparable to conventional products. Energy Trust will award the Top 3 participating distributors who deliver the most energy savings through the Instant Discounts offer. This applies to Business Lighting Instant Discount track projects only. 

New Trade Ally of the Year 

With this new award in 2022, the Business Lighting Program would like to highlight the trade ally who brings in the most lighting projects out of all allies participating in the Trade Ally Network for the first time this year. We hope that this award will encourage new allies to develop a firm understanding of program requirements while providing quality service to Business Lighting customers. 

One award will be given to the trade ally with the highest quantity of Business Lighting Standard track projects from Business Lighting trade allies enrolled in 2022 program year (first year participating). 

All allies selected for awards would need to meet the following criteria in addition to the specific award criteria listed above:

  • Approved/enrolled Business Lighting trade ally for 2022 program year 
  • No unresolved project issues 
  • No unresolved customer or program staff (Energy Trust or PDC) complaints 

For any questions about the 2022 Trade Ally Award Criteria, please contact the Business Lighting team at 1.800.326.2917 or send us an email at lighting@energytrust.org